United Arab Emirates 8 Days

Arabian Nights Tour

The biggest, the most expensive, the most grandiose, the most innovative (with a place of honor for camels) Kesher Kosher Tours has opened the gates to the United Arab Emirates with 8 days of kosher travel to this magical and glamorous world.
We are the first and only company that has sent to the UAE both a rabbi and an expert guide to prepare the infrastructure for our trips.

The word “Emirates” has become the most widely spoken word in Israel since the “Abraham Accord” – the moving announcement of the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates on August 13, 2020. Israel’s relations with these principalities are currently emerging from the shadows, and shortly we’ll enjoy direct flights and trips that were once just imaginary.

Some 17 million tourists visited the Emirates in 2019, enjoying a destination that attracts the rich and famous from all over the world and offers a fascinating combination of desert landscape and Mediterranean atmosphere, combining camels and high-tech and innovation, futuristic sites and most importantly, luxury and splendor all over.

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world and the second largest economy in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia. The country sits on huge oil reserves with the highest revenues in the world – no less than $ 1.2 trillion (!) – that are currently being invested more and more in high-tech. You can see the results of the huge mountain of cash that the emirates have in our eight dream days of touring in four emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah and Sharjah.

Abu Dhabi is the largest and the capital of the Emirates, and also the richest city in the world. The emirate of Abu Dhabi stretching over 87% of the UAE’s territory is home to government institutions. Two-thirds of the UAE’s wealth comes from Abu Dhabi, which is also considered a more cultural city, with museums, mosques and some of the most beautiful in the Muslim world – ones we have not been exposed to. Add to that theme parks, attractions and of course luxury malls.

On the Dubai City website, you will find the following statement: OUR VISION IS TO MAKE DUBAI THE HAPPIEST CITY ON EARTH OVER THE PAST 40 YEARS Those are not just words. Dubai, the second largest city in the Emirates, is not only a world-class construction and architecture, and not just an international business center, rolling in billions of dollars, but also an international fashion capital. It’s a dazzling hub of wealth and glamor, with huge skyscrapers, glittering malls, artificial islands in the middle of the sea and even a ski resort in the desert.

The third largest emirate is Sharjah, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. Considered by UNESCO in 2019 as a “World Culture Capital” for 2019. Sharjah is home to the Arab Writer’s Association, as well as to numerous museums, markets and it’s well preserved old city.

Only some 10% of the residents of the UAE are Emirati citizens. The rest are foreign, permanent or temporary residents, mainly construction workers, and those employed in tourism, housekeeping and more. Add to them international businessmen, branch employees and leading international companies living here, among them quite a few Israelis. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have small Jewish communities who gather for prayers on Shabbat and holidays.

Despite the abundance, progress and innovation, the UAE has not for a moment forgotten its traditions and heritage. The Emiratis cherish their camels that have served their ancestors for many generations, and are today part of local folklore. Dubai holds camel races and even camel beauty contests -and these also roll in millions. Dubai is the only city in the world with a Camel Hospital where dromedaries receive exclusive treatments and surgery, using the most advanced veterinary technologies in the world!

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