Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

Costa Rica: A Tropical Paradise

Welcome to Costa Rica, a captivating tropical paradise nestled in Central America! Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and warm, welcoming culture, Costa Rica is a dream destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable adventure. This verdant land boasts lush rainforests, pristine beaches, majestic volcanoes, and abundant wildlife. So, pack your bags, unleash your inner explorer, and prepare for an unforgettable journey as we unveil the wonders of Costa Rica.

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

Geography, Climate and Wildlife

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is a small but geographically rich country. Its diverse topography encompasses towering mountains, dense rainforests, rolling plains, and palm-fringed beaches. With two main seasons, the “dry season” from December to April and the “green season” from May to November, the climate varies throughout the country.

The Pacific coast enjoys dry and sunny days during the dry season, making it an ideal time for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Conversely, the green season brings refreshing rain showers, transforming the landscapes into a vibrant tapestry of green. Conversely, the Caribbean coast tends to be more humid throughout the year, with occasional rain showers.

Costa Rica is a biodiversity hotspot, boasting an incredible flora and fauna. Over 500,000 species thrive in its diverse ecosystems, making up nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity. The nation’s vast network of national parks, wildlife reserves, and protected areas covers over 25% of the country’s landmass. The thriving biodiversity in Costa Rica will leave you in awe of the wonders of nature.

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

Volcanoes and Hot Springs

The “Land of Volcanoes” is home to majestic peaks forming part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Arenal Volcano, once one of the most active volcanoes in the world, is a must-visit destination. The breathtaking sight of glowing lava flows as you soak in the nearby natural hot springs provides a truly surreal experience. Another volcanic wonder is Poas Volcano, famous for its striking turquoise sulfuric crater lake.

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s culture is deeply rooted in its Spanish heritage, with a fusion of indigenous influences. Warm and friendly locals, known as “Ticos” and “Ticas,” are always eager to share their traditions and rich history with visitors. Discover traditional oxcart painting, an art form recognized by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Costa Rica is a land of endless natural wonders, a captivating destination that profoundly impacts all who visit. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, this tropical paradise has something to offer everyone.

With Kesher Kosher Tours, we offer you the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey and create memories that will last a lifetime in this remarkable corner of the world.

Here are some of the highlights on our tour itinerary

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Sarchi: The Artistic Heart of Costa Rica

A visit to Sarchi is a journey into the heart of Costa Rican culture, offering a chance to witness the creativity and passion that infuse every piece of artwork. Sarchi is a charming town in the picturesque Central Valley of Costa Rica, renowned for its vibrant artisanal heritage. As you venture through this quaint village, you’ll be captivated by the colorful oxcarts lining the streets, each meticulously hand-painted with intricate designs reflecting the country’s cultural identity. These iconic oxcarts are not just for display; they hold historical significance as they were once used to transport coffee beans across the nation’s rugged terrain.

Sarchi is home to skilled artisans who have honed their craft for generations, passing down their woodworking, painting, and carving expertise. In addition to oxcarts, you’ll find an array of handcrafted souvenirs, ranging from intricately painted wooden bowls and figurines to exquisite leather goods and pottery.

Arenal: The Majestic Volcano and Natural Wonder

In the northern part of Costa Rica lies the magnificent Arenal Volcano, an awe-inspiring natural wonder that once stood as one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Arenal is located in the northern part of the Alajuela province, close to the Nicaraguan border. Towering over the landscape, its near-perfect cone shape captivates travelers from afar, and its history of sporadic eruptions adds an element of excitement and wonder to the surrounding region.

Arenal Volcano National Park allows visitors to explore the beauty of this geological marvel. We will hike through the humid tropical forest while passing many bridges, from 5 to 100 meters long and up to 60 meters high. We will witness spectacular scenery of birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects.

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

While the volcano itself is a highlight, the area around Arenal offers much more. The therapeutic waters of the nearby hot springs, fed by the volcano’s geothermal activity, provide a perfect way to unwind and relax. We will soak in warm, mineral-rich waters amid a tropical paradise for a few hours – an ideal way to unwind and relax.

Arenal promises an unforgettable experience, where you’ll be left with memories of a volcanic wonder that continues to shape the natural beauty and allure of Costa Rica.

San Jose: The Vibrant Capital of Costa Rica

Nestled in the heart of the Central Valley, San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, beckons visitors with its lively ambiance and rich cultural heritage. This bustling metropolis is the country’s political, economic, and cultural hub, offering a perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

We will stroll through the historic downtown, where you’ll encounter charming colonial architecture, vibrant street art, and bustling markets. The National Theater, an architectural gem, is a testament to the city’s appreciation for arts and culture. We will delve into the past at the Gold Museum, housing an impressive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts crafted from precious metals.

Despite its urban charm, San Jose serves as a gateway to the surrounding natural wonders of Costa Rica. We will visit the Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall.

Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall: Nature’s Dazzling Duo

In the heart of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, the enchanting Poas Volcano stands as a testament to the country’s volcanic wonders. The active volcano boasts one of the world’s largest crater lakes, a stunning turquoise pool surrounded by a rugged landscape.

Just a short distance from Poas Volcano lies another natural gem, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. This eco-park offers a holistic experience of Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems. We will walk along well-maintained trails that lead to a series of breathtaking waterfalls cascading down verdant hillsides. We will feel the harmony between the roaring water and the serene surroundings.

For nature enthusiasts and photographers alike, the combination of Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens promises an unforgettable day of immersion in the wonders of Costa Rica’s natural beauty. Witnessing the raw power of a volcanic crater and the tranquil elegance of cascading waterfalls in one place showcases the country’s rich diversity. It reaffirms its status as a true paradise for explorers.

Manuel Antonio: A Tropical Haven of Biodiversity and Beaches

Nestled on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio is a tropical paradise that perfectly encapsulates the country’s natural wonders. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and pristine beaches, this small yet captivating destination offers an idyllic retreat for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

The crown jewel of Manuel Antonio is the Manuel Antonio National Park, a compact but incredibly biodiverse sanctuary. This tropical haven covers just over 4,900 acres but offers an astounding array of ecosystems, including lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and mangrove swamps. The park’s biodiversity is unparalleled, hosting various mammals, birds, reptiles, and marine species. Among its most famous inhabitants are three-toed sloths, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and adorable squirrel monkeys.

Kosher Tour to Costa Rica

With Kesher Kosher Tours, we will follow a professional guide through wander along well-marked trails that wind through lush rainforests, home to an astounding variety of wildlife. Spot playful white-faced capuchin monkeys swinging through the trees, mesmerizing two-toed and three-toed sloths lazing on branches, and a vibrant array of tropical birds, including toucans and scarlet macaws.

We will have the Catamaran Island adventure begin at Quepos Harbor. We will cruise through the aquamarine waters toward the spectacular and scenic until we are in open water and on the lookout for spotted dolphins, migrating humpback whales, sea turtles, and manta rays. After touring the coastline, we will anchor in a protected cove within the pristine Biesanz Bay for snorkeling.

Manuel Antonio National Park’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism has earned it a place among the most beloved natural attractions in Costa Rica. It provides a remarkable opportunity to witness the splendor of the country’s biodiversity and immerse oneself in the enchanting beauty of the tropics. And as the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the landscape, Manuel Antonio reveals its true magic.