Brazil & Argentina Tour 10 Days

10 Unforgettable Days

This tour combines some of the most beautiful cities and destinations in the world. In Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro (The Marvelous City) to the natural wonder of the mighty Iguacu Falls. In Argentina, from Buenos Aires, Paris of South America, and on to Calafate, the town at the end of the world from where we’ll sail to the “Exploding Glacier” of Perito Moreno and on to Patagonia at the Southern tip of Argentina.

We’ll start in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is the largest country in South America in both populations and in landmass. It’s a breathtaking combination of cultures that have melded and mixed into one another within this vast expanse of spectacular natural riches. We’ll continue to Argentina via the Iguacu Falls on its shared borders with Brazil and Paraguay. The falls are rightly considered the most awe-inspiring in the world. Argentina, the second-largest country in South America, lies alongside the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the lofty Andes mountains range in the West, which separates it from Chile.

We’ll visit the capital, Buenos Aires, with its beautiful European architecture. We’ll spend a few days in Bariloche, nicknamed the “Switzerland of South America.” And we’ll end our tour in El Calafate located on the edge of a glacier park, from where we’ll sail to view the natural wonder of Perito Moreno – the “Exploding Glacier.”

Dinners in Rio at the Orthodox Jewish community; in Buenos Aires at a glatt kosher restaurant and with the Jewish community over Shabbat; in Bariloche at Chabad and in El Calafate, supervised kosher fish meals.

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