EGYPT 9 Days

Seminar: In the Footsteps of the Exodus

A Seminar with Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman, the first-ever kosher tour of Egypt through the eyes of the Tanakh.
Led by the leading authority on ancient Egypt and the world of the Torah, Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman, you will see the Torah come alive as we revisit the world of our forefathers from the period of the Exodus. Brush your hand over authentic mud bricks with straw from the period of enslavement. Read the name “Miriam” in hieroglyphic inscriptions. Visit the temples of the Pharaoh of the Exodus, Ramesses II, and discover inscriptions that pertain directly to the story of the Exodus. The inscriptions and reliefs are both vast in number and astonishingly well preserved, and at every stop, we will open our Tanakhim and discover how passage after passage comes alive in new and full color.

This tour also encompasses the major highlights of Egypt. Explore the legendary Pyramids of Giza and gaze in awe at the Sphinx. Uncover the treasures of Egypt at the Grand Egyptian Museum see King Tutankhamun’s famous gold mask.  In Luxor roam around the colossal Temple of Karnak and tour the beautifully illuminated Luxor Temple at night and explore the tomb strewn Valley of the Kings. See the towering Colossi of Memnon and explore the beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. In Aswan explore the romantic Philae Temple and learn about Jewish observance at the Elephantine Fortress – a diaspora community dating from the time of Ezra! In Cairo, you’ll travel back in time through the greatest archival discovery in Jewish History—the Genizah at the Ben-Ezra Synagogue.

Our leader for this adventure is the world-renowned scholar and lecturer Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman, professor of Tanakh at Bar-Ilan University. Rabbi Berman has served on the International Advisory Committee of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, and his pioneering work on archaeological evidence for the Exodus has been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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