Australia, Tasmania & New Zealand 21 Days

21 Unforgettable days on a dreamy, luxury cruise liner

Oh, to sail and travel easily and conveniently, without carrying suitcases, and almost without changing hotels, with a fairy-tale cruise, a dream of natural wonders. More than ninety percent of the southern hemisphere is covered with water. In its eastern part lie two fascinating countries, Australia and New Zealand, and the best way to visit them is in on a cruise, an amazing pleasure cruise.
There is no need to change hotels; you can afford to indulge in the pleasures of life, as you sail on a ship whose only purpose is to provide you with relaxation and enjoyment at every moment. We are on board a luxury ship belonging to the fleet of one of the world’s leading companies, Holland America.

The Europeans discovered Australia in the seventeenth century. After the British lost their colonies in North America, it was only natural for them to accept, in return, as compensation, this new Crown Colony of the British Empire. From a barren land to which British prisoners were deported, it gradually became a thriving and flourishing country. Most of the population is of European origin, with a small Aboriginal minority.
Australia has a significant and active Jewish community. Also, Australian and New Zealand soldiers took an active part in the defeat of the Ottoman forces during World War I, in the Gaza, Beer Sheva and Jerusalem areas.
Australia’s wealth places it near the top of the world economy, especially in the commodities market. It is the the world’s largest exporter of iron ore, second largest producer of gold, the third largest producer of nickel and the fifth in copper. Australia has another fascinating treasure. The continent is the world’s main habitat for pouch mammals. After a brief pregnancy, tiny newborns immediately crawl into the mother’s pouch where they will continue to develop until they set out on their own.
Almost two thousand kilometers from Australia lies New Zealand, which, as a neighbor, is also a member of the British Commonwealth. A group of large and small islands containing the largest meadows and sheep in the world, New Zealand is known for its spectacular landscapes and nature, and has become a magnet for millions of tourists a year. It combines a wide range of natural landscapes: rainforests, sand dunes, hot springs and glaciers.

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We’ll visit the city center and the train station, the National Museum and the monument to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died in the service of their countries. In the evening we’ll go out to Philip Island, renowned for the “Penguin Parade,” when the penguins come ashore every evening after sunset.

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Its name – “Blue Mountains” – comes from the thin blue fog that seems to pervade the area, thought by some to come from a reflection of light on the vapor of the Eucalyptus leaves. The forests are gigantic and they include tens of varieties of eucalyptus trees. We’ll visit a zoo that houses some animals that are typical of Australia: Wallabies, Kangaroos and Koala Bears. A selfie with any – or all – of these is in order! At the end of the day we’ll return to Sydney.

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The sea plays an important part in the lives of the residents and sea sports are enjoyed by a large part of the population. The two most famous beaches are Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. The port, from which the ferries sail in addition, is located nearby the famous Sydney Opera House. During our visit we will see Darling Harbor, Hyde Park, The Cathedral of Saint Mary, and the Parliament House. In the afternoon we will visit the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney, an oasis of 30 hectares in the heart of the city. Wrapped around Farm Cove at the edge of Sydney Harbor, the gardens occupy one of Sydney’s most spectacular positions. Established in 1816, it is the oldest scientific institution in the country and is home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas. From the rare and threatened plants of the world to the romantic rose garden, the themed garden areas show the diverse beauty of nature. Special features include: Cadi Jam Ora – First Encounters is a garden display that remembers and acknowledges the Cadigal – the original inhabitants of Sydney’s city center – and their relationship with this land. Prepare for Shabbat.

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Ship: Ms. Massdam

Some details about the magnificent MS MAASDAM, one of Holland America’s new series of luxury cruise liners:
* 11 guest decks
* Restaurants and lounges with by panoramic views.
* Elegant Boutique
* A new bar complex in the Atrium
* An upgraded and ornate showroom with performances almost every evening
* All staterooms feature Holland Holland’s unique charm
* Spacious and elegant staterooms with a window (some with a private balcony at an extra charge)
* Mariner’s Dream luxury beds with quality linens
* Luxury terry towels
* Flat screen TV with DVD
* Roomy storage space
* Fresh fruit at no extra charge
* Drinks – order as much as you wish: juices and other free drinks
* Free shoe shine service.
* Plentiful, delicious, quality Kosher meals
In addition, the ship has a magnificent theater for performances, music and singers, casino, bars, movie house, luxury restaurants, a spa, gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi, and of course an active entertainment team every day.

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The site forms part of the Australian Convict Sites a World Heritage property consisting of 11 remnant penal sites originally built within the British Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries on fertile Australian coastal strips.

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Hobart is a small, beautiful port city that is the center of the state’s activities. It is rich in colonial heritage, rainforests and natural landscapes to which we will travel today.

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The steep, towering peaks and deep cobalt of the fjords allows ships to sail only a few meters away from the cliffs that surround it, and is you’re on deck, you’ll most likely get wet from the spray of huge rapids that fall to the sea along the fjord. We’ll enjoy the dramatic views of the cliffs fading in the mist, and, if we’re lucky, we’ll see bottlenose and dusky dolphins, fur seals, Fiordland crested penguins, and more.
After prayers and our Shabbat Lunch, we’ll enjoy a lecture or shiur. After that there will be time to relax and enjoy the ship’s wonderful facilities.

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The settlement was named after Oban in Scotland (The Little Bay), due to the strong influence Scottish settlers had in the south of early colonial New Zealand.

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Although Dunedin’s times of rapid growth and great wealth are now firmly in the past, they have left a legacy of elaborate architecture. The highlight of your tour is a visit to Olveston. This is a magnificent Edwardian-era mansion built in Jacobean style. Offering you a glimpse at the life of a prosperous local merchant at the turn of the century, this house is a treasure trove of the gleaming antique furniture, silverware, priceless porcelain, paintings, ivory and crystal collections of a man who travelled the world in search of beauty. Enjoy a ride along Queen’s Drive, with its delightful panoramic view of the city from the hills.

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We will visit the International Antarctic Center, where we will “travel” among huge pictures from Antarctica and see how the explorers discovered and mapped it. We will discover the animals that survive its harsh climate and learn about global warming and its effects on glaciers that begin to wander.

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We’ll board a train to view the region’s landscape and then continue to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy a world of spectacular flowers, preserved forests, special vegetation collections and stunning views of Wellington. After this we will visit “Te Papa”, the famous National Museum of New Zealand. The museum displays the geological history of New Zealand, its nature and the history of the Maori, the original inhabitants of New Zealand. We will continue along the streets of the city and see the old Houses of Parliament.

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In this geothermal reserve, we will see hot bubbling mud and eruptions of geysers. The land here moves and bubbles and boils as steam rises from it. The people of the Te Arawa came to New Zealand in the middle of the 14th century from Hawaiki – the birthplace of the Maori – and settled in Rotorua. The Maori people are now trying to preserve their heritage and share it with tourists with warmth and good humor at every opportunity. We will enjoy a guided tour through the world famous Waitomo Caves with their amazing stalactites, stalagmites and other limestone formations. The tour will terminate with a boat ride through the ‘Glowworm Grotto’ – a subterranean cavern lit up by the lights of thousands of tiny glowworms.

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We will visit the Auckland Museum with its rare art treasures. We will see the botanical gardens, home to more than 10,000 plants from all over the world. We will see the city from Sky Tower, which at 328 meters, it is the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere.

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* Price per person in USD double or twin room

** Supplement Price for single room


Price Includes:

Air-conditioned tourist coach
Kosher half board & lunch packs daily
Glatt Kosher full board during the cruise
English-speaking local guides and a professional experienced guide from the staff of Shai
Bar Ilan
Entrance to all sites mentioned in the itinerary
first class hotels throughout
Outside cabins with window
Tips for local service providers
All shore excursions

Price Excludes:

International flights
Airport and security tax
Travel Insurance (For details see General Conditions)
Visa fee
Personal expenses and services
Tips during the cruise $15 per person per day
Tip for guide (Recommended: $5 per person per day)

Suitcases: From our extensive experience with luggage, we recommend that you prefer small suitcases to large ones. The weight of the suitcase permitted on flights is up to 23 kg and the weight of the hand luggage is 8 kg.
Please note: The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of New Zealand uses X-ray Scanner machines and dogs to locate things hidden in suitcases. This Includes fresh and/or dried fruits, fresh and/or dried vegetables, fish (fresh, cooked and in boxes), meat of any kind, dairy products, eggs, plants, nuts or seeds, herbs, etc. Whoever brings anything forbidden will pay a fine of $ 340. If you have brought anything and are not sure whether it can be brought into New Zealand, you must declare it at customs. For further information, see:

Important to Know:

There may be changes to the order of places visited. We will make every effort to visit every place mentioned in the itinerary.
The tour organizers have no control over airline services such as seating, special meal requests, changes in departure times or delays. These remain the sole responsibility of the airline company.

Kashrut on Tours

Only strictly kosher food is provided to our travelers on all our tours. On some of our tours we are able to provide glatt meals. Kashrut is of utmost importance to us and we take special measures to ensure that everything served is kosher.

The meals:

Breakfast is prepared using our utensils. We use local fresh fruits and vegetables, and we use milk products when they are permitted. We use kosher cereals, and bread. We usually serve hard boiled eggs and sometimes scrambled eggs or omelets. At breakfast, we prepare our lunches so that people have their choice as to what they eat for lunch. We bring food from Israel to supplement what is served in the hotel such as cheeses, peanut butter, tuna, etc.
For dinners, we serve either fish or meat (usually chicken) as our main course. In areas where meat is not available nor readily acquired, we will have fish. When possible, we acquire the meat locally from Chabad or other reliable kosher source, and in some cases we fly the meat in from Israel. We try to provide as many meat meals as possible. The main course at dinner is preceded by soup and salad and accompanied by freshly prepared vegetables. Dessert typically consists of fresh fruits.
We do not guarantee Pat Israel and Chalav Israel for all destinations.
In many destinations we have our own dishes and silverware. Where we don’t, we provide disposables at the meals. When we cook in hotel kitchens, we use our own knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, cooking implements and disposable metal trays. All food preparation is done on covered surfaces under the strict supervision of our trained staff/guides who function as our mashgichim.
We make great efforts to assure that our travelers will experience local foods first-hand, while maintaining stringent observance of Kashrut laws on all occasions.
On most of our tours, you will be accompanied by two of our staff members- one a guide for the tour who is knowledgeable about the places you are visiting and will accompany you throughout the day and the second, a person who will deal with the logistics of the tour and provide kashrut supervision in the kitchen.


It is our aim to provide the finest hotel possible in each area we visit. We require our hotels to allow us to work in the kitchen and to supervise the cooking and there are many hotels that are not willing to cooperate. They simply have no desire for us to be “meddling” in their cooking process nor are they happy about our bringing our equipment into their kitchens. We work very hard to find the best hotel in the area that will meet our requirements. Because we are not ready to compromise on kashrut, we may not always be able to use a five star hotel.

Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:

A $500 USD Deposit per person must be received at the time of booking in order to confirm your reservation. Payment in full is due 60 days before departure. A minimum number of participants are required to operate tour dates. If a minimum number has not been reached prior to tour departure and the tour is cancelled you will receive a FULL refund.

• 90 days before departure bookings are refundable less a $100 administration fee
• 60-90 days prior to departure: $300 + $100 per passenger
• 60-30 days prior to departure: $500 + $100 per passenger
• 30-14 days prior to departure: $1,000 + $100 per passenger
• Less than 30 working days prior to departure: 100% of total – no refund

We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance