Hiking The Dolomites

8 days

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The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are part of the Alps in Northern Italy. Their fame is due to their shape and scenic beauty. The Dolomites are breathtaking mountain ranges – a perfect location for hiking with friends and meeting new people on this program, the only Kosher and Shomer-Shabbat Hiking Trip in the mountains near Cortina De Ampezzio.

This is an opportunity for active, energetic, outdoors- loving people to fill their bodies with the air they will breathe at over 10,000 feet, to be inspired by mountain-top views that stagger your mind and fill your hearts with excitement!

About KSA
KSA – Kosher Summer Adventures is an Efrat based initiative providing affordable access to amazingly beautiful places. Bringing years of experience in running Jewish educational programs, Rav Dani Epstein and Josh Rubin of Efrat have teamed together to offer people who share a desire for Kashrut and Shabbat observance, the enjoyment of good company and a thrilling week of rejuvenation, discovery, fun, excitement and relaxation.

Trip Leaders
Rav Dani Epstein and Josh (Yehoshua) Rubin of Efrat lead the trips.

Dani brings vitality, dynamism and drama, heart and soul, to our KSA Trips, as our Mara DeAtra in charge of religious and halachic issues, and as our program planner and tour guide, combining his knowledge of Jewish and European history with his ability to find the most awe-inspiring vistas and hiking routes in all our KSA locations. Dani is an avid skier, ping-pong player and he loves teaching and connecting with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.
Before coming on Aliyah, Rav Dani led the Maimonides High School in Vancouver, Canada, and was Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Irvine California. A passionate believer in a moderate, enlightened Orthodoxy and in Religious Zionism, Dani made Aliyah to Efrat 19 years ago. Upon making Aliyah, Dani served as principal of an Israeli High School for 12 years, and he currently teaches Torah subjects, history and literature at YTA High School in Jerusalem, and Jewish Philosophy at the Machanayim Hesder Yeshiva in Efrat. Dani is married to Joy, an Atlanta-born therapist, and has four children, who also love travel and adventure.

Josh is a trained therapist specializing in both helping single people with their dating and helping people lose weight through freedom from emotional eating. He has a M.A. in counseling and is a Master Practitioner of NLP therapy. Josh is married with five children, four of whom are married, and he is also a grandfather. He is a published author – his latest book is called Jonah the Woodchopper. Josh loves ballroom and zumba dancing. He is an avid cyclist and loves playing guitar.

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Wednesday, July 19
All participants arrive at Venice Marco Polo Airport on their respective flights. Arriving participants are free to deposit their luggage in the Arrivals Hall for safekeeping at 6 euro per bag, and take the bus or ferry to Venice Island (20 minutes away) to explore Venice, but everyone has to be back at Marco Polo at 5 pm.
KSA bus loadup and pickup from Marco Polo Airport is at 5pm. After loading luggage and having a KSA-prepared snack, we will depart to our chalet which is 300 meters north of Albergo Cristallo Auronzo in Federaveccia, Via Valle Ansiei in Federavecchia, 32040 Misurina, Italia between Misurina and Auronzo. Arrival, Settling In, Dinner and Short Orientation.

Thursday, July 20
Depart Chalet to Tre Cime Hike at 9am, return from Tre Cime to Lake Misurina at 3pm, Walk around Lake Misurina, or paddle-boating, return from Lake Misurina to chalet 6pm Dinner and Group Power-Cooking Event.

Friday, July 21
Chalet to Lago di Braies Hike (Pragser Wildsee) 830am. Return from Lago di Braies to Cortina by 3pm, return from Cortina to Chalet at 5pm, Prepare for Shabbat. Hadlakat Nerot, Tefilla, Seuda, Forum

Shabbat July 22
Tefilla, Kiddush, Optional Group Learning, Forest Walk, Seuda, Free Time, Mincha, Lecture: Overview of Jewish Life in Italy from Rome to Modernity, Seuda Shelishit, Maariv and Havdala. Movie and Popcorn

Sunday, July 23
Chalet to Arraba Crest Hike Porta Vescovo overlooking Marmolada to Passo Pordoi 830am, pickup at Passo Pordoi at 3pm to Andraz Castle, depart Andraz 530pm back to Chalet. Evening Presentation on Dolomites in World War One as prep for Monday tour.

Monday, July 24
Chalet to Passo Falzareggo Peak and Tunnel Hike 830am, 2pm to Cinque Torri , return to chalet 6pm, Dinner and Game Night.

Tuesday, July 25
Chalet to Passo Tre Crocci – Hike to Lago Vandelli 830 am and 3pm pickup and bring to FunBob slide in Auronzo, walk or bicycle around Lake Auronzo, return from Auronzo to chalet 630pm. Banquet and Reflections

Wednesday, July 26
Depart Chalet to Venice Marco Polo airport 9am

Dates & Prices
Tour Code Departure Return  
Tour Code Departure date Air + Land * Land only * Single Room**

* Price per person in USD double or twin room

** Supplement Price for single room

* Price of tour is subject to change due to change in air fare.

Need to Know

What’s Included?

KSA provides complete arrangements for transportation, accommodations, group activities, meals, snacks, optional daily davening and Shabbat. Airfare, airport transfers, travel insurance, and optional activities are not included.
You will stay in a shared chalet with a kitchen, dining area and common areas; your bedroom will have either twin beds or a double bed, and a bathroom. Linens and self-service laundry are provided.

Food and Kashrut:
KSA is committed to providing kosher plentiful and varied meals, with a focus on health and nutrition. Food for three daily meals is included. Fully Prepared Daily Dinner and all Seudot Shabbat will be eaten together at the KSA Bayit.
KSA provides each chalet with a variety of breakfast and lunch food materials and Kosher utensils. To streamline the mornings, breakfast is prepared and eaten by participants in their respective chalets, so that they will be able to get out on time to join the group. Participants prepare and pack a lunch in their chalets.

The Bayit Kitchen will be kashered under the guidance of Rav Dani Epstein according to Strict Orthodox halachic standards. Rav Dani is a YU RIETS Musmach, with additional Smicha in Israel. He has been in charge of koshering facilities and Kashrut supervision of facilities in California, Vancouver – British Columbia, and several European locations. He was a Shul Rav of OU Shuls in California for 11 years, and has been in charge of Orthodox high schools in Canada and Israel for 15 years.
Some food basics will be brought from Israel, the rest is purchased at the Kosher Supermarket in Geneva. Fruits and vegetables are purchased locally. We will also be following the kosher products lists put out by the French Rabbinate and the CER Kashrut Authority (Conference of European Rabbis). There will be bug inspection for required vegetables.

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