Travellers write about the trip to MOROCCO with Kesher Tours

Tour to Morocco – oct. 15-25/2018 with Cindy Kline

Dear Cindy,

We had a really nice trip with you guiding us.
You are entertaining and funny but the same time very knowledgeable with an extensive knowledge of Morocco.
You peppered our travel times in the bus with music connected to places or people in Morocco.
We never got tired of hearing your stories, facts about the country or detailed schedule announcements.
Most of the times you sensed what your group needs and if necessary change the schedule accordingly, especially if it has not stopped raining for the whole day!
You care for each traveler without being pushed into corners if some of them disagree with the set schedule.
I can only recommend you as a guide to Morocco, which incidentally I already did….

Wishing you continued pleasure in guiding
Be well
Michal & Paul


Just want to write to you to thank you for a fabulous trip.  Morocco was great and the trip exceeded my expectations.
I thought everything was perfect – except the food was way too good and I actually gained a few pounds!!
Lots of bus travel but if you want to see the whole country, that can’t be helped.

I thought Cindy was fantastic, a great, great guide, organized and always kept us to schedule and her husband Dorron was even better  (b/t/w…if you ever have a need for someone on your Pesach programs, I think Dorron would be a fantastic scholar in residence.  He is easy going, very knowledgeable,  smart…and has that same accent as you do!!  (well, almost the same).
And it was a great group of people…we just all meshed and got along nicely.
All in all, this was a great trip… just amazing.
Thanks so much…and now, time to start planning for the next one. Japan? China?

All the best,
* * *

Just wanted to say how much Allen and I enjoyed being with all of you!! Thanks Cindy and Doron for guiding us through an incredibly memorable and rich experience! You all now have a place to stay in Toronto. Come and visit anytime!
* * *

Love and hugs to everyone. David and I had a wonderful time on our very special trip to Morocco. We enjoyed being with all of you every moment of our trip. Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship it made our trip special. And special thanks to Cindy and Dan room for their caring leader ship.
* * *

I’m all by myself for breakfast and no croissants. I miss you all. It was a great trip because all of you were there. Thank you Cindy and Doron – great job. Thank you Dena for the wonderful video. Shabbat Shalom.

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Dear David & Chana

What a marvelous time was had by all. Home now for a week and we are still whats apping each other.
During our Morocco adventure trip from April 23 until May 3 we really for an up close and personal feeling for the country.
We stayed in luxurious hotels and we got to marvel in the lush gardens of the mamounia hotel.
The itinerary included 5 cities and 4 of them were imperial cities. The itinerary was full of sites, wondrous vistas, and the atlas mountains.
Who can forget the sunrise camel and ATV rides in the Sahara.
The food was outstanding. We were treated like royalty. We traveled with Yitzhak who in addition to being a rabbi is also a mashgiach, a scribe,professor and a fluent speaker if Arabic. Extraordinary.
We celebrated 3 birthdays with a horsedrawn carriage ride and fireworks. We even sang the song “Hashem melech…..” which was played on the loud speaker in an arena of thousands. And of course there was shopping. We shopped in the shuks haggling over 10 D which is about one dollar USCurrency.
We also shopped in a leather store, carpet store, and ceramic factory. I know I haven’t covered it.all. however for me the highlights have to be the reception we received.
Not only was the community open in their sharing the Jewish lives they lead but also they shared stories of their history, why they stay and their hopes for the future.
Walking in the streets the Moroccans greeted us with Hebrew. Yes they said said hello and have a Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew.
They also said good morning and how are you.
I was most flattered that we always had police protection especially walking from shul in Friday night as well as other places too. I never felt at risk or threatened.

The trip was wonderful and our Guide Yitzhak was a treasure and our group was outstanding.
Thanks to David and Chana and the rest of the staff for a most memorable trip.

Tammy and Gene Berman

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