If you are looking for a worry-free tour of exotic places, a rich and varied itinerary, and the pleasure of enjoying it with a compatible group, our Kesher Kosher Tours are for you.

Imagine going to a foreign country with a tour manager to look after all of your needs- accompanying your group 24 hours a day. You get up in the morning and do not have to worry about where you can find kosher food because it’s waiting for you in the dining room and you don’t have to plan your day because local experts have not only selected the most interesting colorful sites, but they also have figured out the best order and best routes so you spend more time at the sites and less time on transportation. Imagine having a guide who will explain the context of what you are seeing and the history and culture of the country. You will enjoy folklore programs, meeting local people and visiting them in their homes, meeting their children and forming bonds of friendship. At the end of a full day of activities, you will enjoy a freshly prepared kosher dinner.

On our tours you will share all of this with a group of friendly people who become like family- helping one another shop and bargain, photographing each other, and singing and joking together.

We at Kesher Tours have decades of experience and travelers who have been traveling with us multiple times. We enjoy serving our travelers and providing unforgettable tours.

Arrival And Departure
Our tours are sold “land only.” You may choose flights that are convenient and those which offer you benefits. If you would like us to arrange flights for you, please contact the office for assistance.

When you arrange your flights to our tours, please keep in mind that you should arrive before 2 pm local time the first day and should arrange to leave us no earlier than 7 pm the last day. Should you require special airport transfers or extra hotel nights, before or after the tour, our office is able to arrange them for you at an additional cost.

We use four star or five star hotels when available. Because many of our tours take our travelers to places that are not highly commercial that offer an authentic experience of the country, there are not always four star hotels available. We then use the best hotels available in those locations. Of course, because of our strong commitment to kashrut, we are limited in our choices as the majority of hotels will not accommodate our bringing in our own foods or preparing food in their kitchens. We, of course, find the very best hotels that will serve our needs.

Food served on our tours is freshly prepared and NOT airline meals! We try to offer lots of fresh fruits and vegetables depending on the season and availability in the country we are visiting.

In most locations we provide a breakfast consisting of cereal, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread and butter and jam and of course coffee and tea. We supplement our meals with food supplies brought from Israel and when possible prepare omelets or pancakes.

At breakfast, we provide materials to prepare lunches including such items as tuna, cheeses, bread, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables.

We provide delicious, tasty, freshly cooked, warm dinners often with meat as a main course and sometimes with fish. We enhance the flavor of our meals with spices that we bring from Israel. Occasionally, for logistical reasons, we may have our main meal at lunch.

Our food is supervised by a tour manager whose primary responsibility is to ensure that all food that is served is kosher.

All of our food is prepared according to halacha.

All food that is cut, is cut with our knives on our cutting surfaces. All food that is cooked, is cooked using only our utensils. Food is prepared only on our cutting boards and surfaces using our knives and kitchen equipment. We use locally acquired fruits and vegetables. Vegetables that require checking are checked in the kitchen before preparation. All of our food is prepared under the constant supervision of our guide, a Jew who observes halacha. When we eat meat, it is always meat with a strict hashgacha and the fish are checked according to halachic requirements.

The preparation of the meals is done by local chefs and so the food is an authentic representation of the local palate.

Our guides are experienced and have wide knowledge in the country in which they guide. They guide multiple times each year and are there to see to all of your needs, both for information and for comfort. Our guides are on duty 24/7. They stay with you in the hotel and accompany you on internal flights and train trips. They are with you to solve problems, answer questions, and to give you any advice you may need during the course of the tour. They also work hard to create a happy, spirited atmosphere so that you enjoy getting up each morning and looking forward to a day full of adventures and surprises!

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