North Sea Cruise: Scotland, Iceland, Norway & the Fjords

15 days


On this special cruise, we’ll concentrate on the North Sea. Located in the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium, our cruise will take in Scotland, “Land of the Gauls,” whisky and castles, plaid kilts and bagpipes. Iceland, the “Land of Fire and Ice” is a country filled with unusual natural phenomena: massive primordial glaciers and steaming geysers, piping hot natural springs and lakes, and white frothing waterfalls among pitch black rocks. And we’ll not skip over Norway, also rich in uniquely beautiful and breathtaking ancient landscapes, lofty mountains and dense forests, endless icefields in the Arctic Circle, huge waterfalls and exquisite crystal-blue fjords.


Day 1, Sunday August 6, 2017: Amsterdam
Arrival to Amsterdam and transfer (own arrangement) to the Port of Amsterdam (see the song “Port of Amsterdam” on YouTube) for embarkation on the “Ms Koningsdam” (Holland-America) and settle-in for an unforgettable 14 night voyage.
Departure at 4 pm

Ship’s Facilities
* 4 restaurants – Rotterdam dining room, Lido buffet restaurant, Canaletto restaurant, Pinanacle grill * 11 bars/cafes including Mix champagne, Mix martinis, Mix spirits and ales, Ocean bar, Wine tasting room, Terrace grill, Lido bar
Health and Fitness
* 3 pools – Sea View pool, Lido pool, Oasis pool * 3 jacuzzis * Gym * Greenhouse Spa * Aerobics studio * Beauty salon * Thermal suite * Basketball court * Practice tennis court * Lower Promenade deck walk
* Van Gogh theater * Casino * Crow’s Nest lounge/nightclub * Explorations library/internet cafe * Explorer’s lounge * Culinary Arts center * Neptune lounge * Hudson card room * Club HAL kids club * Club HAL games room * The Loft teens club * The Oasis teens deck area
Other Facilities
* 11 Decks * Shopping arcade * Art gallery * Launderette * Half Moon meeting room * Medical center

Day 2, Monday August 7, 2017: At Sea
A first full day at sea enables us to discover many of the luxuries the ship offers. This is time to relax and pamper ourselves with any of the many facilities aboard ship.

Day 3, Tuesday August 8, 2017: Queensferry & Edinburgh, Scotland
Today we’ll dock at Queensferry, a port city near Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. One of the most attractive cities in all of Europe, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Upon disembarkation, we’ll tour Edinburgh, visiting the old city, the Queen’s palace, walk the “Royal Mile” lined with Museums, until we reach the city tower. We’ll see the Coronation Stone of the Kings of England as well as the Diamonds of the Scottish Crown. Crossing over to the new city, we’ll visit the famous Princes Street and the city squares. Toward evening we’ll return to the ship

Day 4, Wednesday August 9, 2017: Edinburgh, the Lake District
Today we’ll travel to Scotland’s Lake District, an area famous for its vistas of green rolling hills and valleys, and translucent blue lakes. We’ll continue to Gretna Green on the Scotland-England border for a “Wedding at the Blacksmith’s Shop”, as English youngsters did in days gone by. We’ll return to the ship for dinner.

Day 5, Thursday August 10, 2017: Inverness, Loch Ness & Port Augustus
Today we’ll drop anchor at Inverness, capital of the Scottish Highlands. This is the northernmost administrative capital in all of the British Isles. We stroll along the promenade and the famous bridges. We’ll travel along the coast of Loch Ness, the largest and best known sweet water lake in Scotland. If we’re lucky, we might even get to see “Nessie”, the mythical monster of the loch. We’ll arrive to the village of Port Augustus, nestling on Loch Ness. We’ll view the Caledonian Canal that connects between the two ends of the geological rift that created Loch Ness.

Day 6, Friday August 11, 2017: At Sea
A day at sea enables us to relish many of the luxuries the ship offers. This is time to relax and pamper ourselves with any of the many facilities aboard ship.

Day 7, Shabbat August 12, 2017: Reykjavik, Iceland – Aboard Ship
This afternoon our magnificent cruise liner docks at Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. We won’t disembark, but we’ll enjoy Shabbat services, meals and shiurim, relax with a good book (from the ship’s wonderful library), and share one another’s experiences, divrei torah and special knowledge. We’ll also be able to quietly appreciate some of the luxuries that the ship offers.

Day 8, Sunday August 13, 2017: Reykjavik, Iceland
After breakfast we’ll disembark for a panoramic tour of the city. We’ll stop for a lookout over the city from the “Perlan” – Reykjavik’s water reservoir that supplies hot geothermic water to the whole city. We’ll visit the Halgrimskirkja, a Lutheran Parish Church that towers over the entire city and end our tour at the harbor and the new cultural center.

Day 9, Monday August 14, 2017: Isafjordur – The Westfjords
Today we’ll drop anchor at Isafjordur, capital of the region of Isafjaroarbaer. The village is situated in a beautiful bay, between high mountains. We’ll walk about the southern part of the village and view the Dynjandi Falls, the mightiest and most impressive in the western fjords countryside. There are some extraordinary lookout points in the area with amazing views of the wild scenery of this land. Afterwards we’ll continue to the fishing village of Sudureyri from where we’ll return to the ship and sail along the fjords to Akureyri, where we’ll drop anchor for the night.

Day 10, Tuesday August 15, 2017: At Sea
Akurayeri is the capital of Iceland’s north. We’ll enjoy a panoramic tour before heading out to the Godafoss Falls, one of Iceland’s most dramatic, also known as the “Waterfalls of the gods.” From there we’ll make our way to Iceland’s premier geological and geothermic sites – Lake Myvatn. We’ll explore this intriguing lake which includes a mesmerizing maze of shapes and forms made of volcanic rock, mud pools and boiling water bubbling up from the deep in earth’s interior. All this as well as live volcanoes in a place where the earth’s solid crust is considered to be the thinnest on the entire planet. We’ll return to the ship and continue sailing along the longest Icelandic fjord – Eyjafjörður.

Day 11, Wednesday August 16, 2017: At Sea
A day at sea enables us to relish many of the luxuries the ship offers. This is time to relax and pamper ourselves with any of the many facilities aboard ship.

Day 12, Thursday August 17, 2017: The Norwegian Fjords – Alesund, the Troll Road
By the time we wake up this morning we will have docked at Alesund, Norway. We’ll travel along the Troll Road. Built in 1936, this winding motorway is known to be the most scenic drive in Norway – if not in the whole world. It has eleven curves and bends at a 9% slant which make them appear impassable. After this thrilling experience, we’ll return to Alesund for a tour of this picturesque art-nouveau village. We’ll also climb the mountain for a bird’s-eye panoramic view of the region before returning to the chip.

Day 13, Friday August 18, 2017: Bergen, Norway
After breakfast, we’ll disembark to discover the city of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, and capital of the fjord region. We’ll embark on a walking tour of the old city’s pretty center, which in olden times was a small fishing village. There’s a cultured atmosphere about this place, with its low buildings, red roofs, and curious sites, such as the famous Rosenkranz Tower, built in the 16th century. We’ll continue to the old Bryggen Quay, a World Heritage Site with its ancient wooden structures. The best preserved of these is now the Hanseatic Museum which tells the story of the early settlers of this place. We’ll stroll around the port and the fish market.

Day 14, Shabbat August 19, 2017: At Sea
We’ll enjoy Shabbat services, meals and shiurim, relax with a good book (from the ship’s wonderful library), and share one another’s experiences, divrei torah and special knowledge. We’ll also be able to quietly appreciate some of the luxuries that the ship offers.

Day 15, Sunday August 20, 2017: Amsterdam
Disembark in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a fascinating city which boasts art, architecture, canals, museums, bicycles and charming side streets. We’ll start our day with an orientation drive of the historic city center. We will see Dam square with the Palace of the King and visit to Anna Frank House and The 17th century Portuguese Synagogue. Later we’ll transfer to the airport for our flight to our home gateway.

Dates & Prices
Tour Code Departure Return  
PSIN17/1 08/06/2017 08/20/2017 Book this tour
Tour Code Departure date Air + Land * Land only * Single Room**
PSIN17/1 08/06/2017 7840 $ 4200 $

* Price per person in USD Iin double or twin room.

** Supplement for single room.

* Price of tour is subject to due to change in Air Fare.

Need to Know

Price Includes

  • 15 day cruise on a Holland America cruise liner
  • Air conditioned coach for all the tours and transfers in the itinerary
  • Tours, visit and entrance fees in the itinerary
  • First class hotels
  • Kosher half board throughout the tour. Facilities to make sandwiches for lunch
  • Full Board aboard ship
  • Tips for local service providers abroad (Land service)
  • Tour guide from Shai Bar Ilan staff

Price Excludes

  • International flights, including fuel charges and taxes (may change)
  • Tips for ship’s staff only $180 (to be paid directly aboard ship)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Evening programs not included in the itinerary
  • Tips for the Israeli guide – $5 per person per day

Kashrut on Tours

Only strictly kosher food is provided to our travelers on all our tours. On some of our tours we are able to provide glatt meals. Kashrut is of utmost importance to us and we take special measures to ensure that everything served is kosher.

The meals:
Breakfast is prepared using our utensils. We use local fresh fruits and vegetables, and we use milk products when they are permitted. We use kosher cereals, and bread. We usually serve hard boiled eggs and sometimes scrambled eggs or omelets. At breakfast, we prepare our lunches so that people have their choice as to what they eat for lunch. We bring food from Israel to supplement what is served in the hotel such as cheeses, peanut butter, tuna, etc.
For dinners, we serve either fish or meat (usually chicken) as our main course. In areas where meat is not available nor readily acquired, we will have fish. When possible, we acquire the meat locally from Chabad or other reliable kosher source, and in some cases we fly the meat in from Israel. We try to provide as many meat meals as possible. The main course at dinner is preceded by soup and salad and accompanied by freshly prepared vegetables. Dessert typically consists of fresh fruits.
We do not guarantee Pat Israel and Chalav Israel for all destinations.
In many destinations we have our own dishes and silverware. Where we don’t, we provide disposables at the meals. When we cook in hotel kitchens, we use our own knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, cooking implements and disposable metal trays. All food preparation is done on covered surfaces under the strict supervision of our trained staff/guides who function as our mashgichim.

We make great efforts to assure that our travelers will experience local foods first-hand, while maintaining stringent observance of Kashrut laws on all occasions.

On most of our tours, you will be accompanied by two of our staff members- one a guide for the tour who is knowledgeable about the places you are visiting and will accompany you throughout the day and the second, a person who will deal with the logistics of the tour and provide kashrut supervision in the kitchen.

It is our aim to provide the finest hotel possible in each area we visit. We require our hotels to allow us to work in the kitchen and to supervise the cooking and there are many hotels that are not willing to cooperate. They simply have no desire for us to be “meddling” in their cooking process nor are they happy about our bringing our equipment into their kitchens. We work very hard to find the best hotel in the area that will meet our requirements. Because we are not ready to compromise on kashrut, we may not always be able to use a five star hotel.

Cancellation Terms

  • Cancellation for any reason from time of registration up to 90 working days* before departure – $97 per person registration fee only
  • Cancellation for any reason from 89 to 30 working days* before departure – $97 registration + $1500 per person
  • Cancellation for any reason from 29 to 11 working days* before departure – $97 registration + $2500 per person
  • Cancellation for any reason from 10 working days* and less before departure – full cost of the tour and all added expenses
  • If visas to destination countries and flight tickets have already been issued at the time of cancellation, these will be added to the cancellation fees mentioned above.
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