Travellers write about the trip to China with Kesher Tours.

Good morning,
As a newly retired couple it was time to start bringing some traveling dreams to fruition. Although the thought of going on a kosher trip to China was not our first thought, a series of coincidences brought us first to Rona Michelson then to Shai Bar Ilan. Talk about bashert. Our tour leaders, the Michelson’s, quickly brought us up to speed about China, first through emails and suggested readings, then through commentary on the tours. They also provided all we could wish for re kashrut and an environment full of Yiddshkeit.

In each city we had professional, native members of the community whose knowledge, friendliness and engagement made our tour enlightening and fun. The presence of tour members from Australia and the United Kingdom added to our perspective. One of the couples had a grandparent who had lived in Shanghai. Our guide was able to locate where she had lived, bringing yet another personal touch to our tour. This trip was an outstanding introduction to China, to Shai Bar Ilan, and to the Michelsons. As a measure of our enjoyment, we will be joining the Michelsons on the next trip they are leading – to India, three months after returning from China. Ten months ago neither of these trips were on our radar, but a life of surprises is good.

We strongly recommend both Shai Bar ilan and the Michelsons to anyone wanting a trip they will joyfully remember for the rest of their lives.

Thanks again,
Rhona & Bruce Sloan
January 2016

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