A 5-star hotel in Shanghai within walking distance from a Kosher restaurant (Mashgiach Efraim Bezalel, Head of Kashrut in Shanghai).

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216 rooms are mostly situated in No. 6 Business Building and No.7 Executive Building, including Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe Garden Rooms, Executive Rooms, Suites and Presidential Suites. Besides, there are VIP Building, Presidential Building and Chairman Building for accommodating VIPs.

Garden Villas

There are 50 North American style villas scatters in the 200,000-square-meters garden. These delicate villas blend Chinese elements with Western style construction, and the winding paths lead to secluded quiet places. They are located under covers of shade trees and the atmosphere is extraordinary. Alive with joy of life, the space and landscape display the beauty of nature. Villas provide the experience of “home away from home”, and you will enjoy our five-star quality service.

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Clark Hatch Fitness Center of Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel is the professional fitness center of this five star hotel. This garden building is a peaceful retreat from the clamorous city. We provide excellent conditions, sufficient sunshine, fresh air, lush greenery, clear horizon, free parking, warm service, superior-5-star standard, joyful atmosphere, 42-years of experience……The fitness, relaxation and entertainment are all at hand for your health, joy, and leisure. All guests are invited to use the heated indoor swimming pool, spinning sports equipment, aerobic room, yoga lessons, and sauna services and so on. All of our guests are regarded as friends and our goal is to make them happy!

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